welcome to FUNZANA, LLC

Consulting for Individual, Groups and Organizations

FUNZANA, LLC is a consulting business offering training and workshops focused on using electronic tools (smartphones, tablets). Also offered are workshops focused on collaboration among teams. Services include consulting, training and speaking engagements.

  • Learn to effectively use your electronic devices (smartphones, tablets), thus saving time and increasing your personal effectiveness.
  • Development of checklists for personal projects (e.g., vacations, social gatherings, special occasions).
workshop - Introduction to internet terminology and tools
workshop – Introduction to internet terminology and tools
workshop – introduction to internet terminology and tools


Consulting for Organizations
Your opportunities and challenges may benefit from a different approach for solutions.

Using communication, collaboration, and creative problems solving tools, we deliver methods to organize your business and enhance results. These tools have been successfully used within the corporate, education and government sectors.

Email us at info@funzana.com