A’s to organizing your space

Want an easy way to create more space? You can organize an area which results in more space. Here are some tips to help you with the task.

Ability to let go is a necessity; if it hasn’t been used in the last six months to a year, is it needed?
Acquire suitable storage containers and filing folders with labels. Be creative and recycle. I often reuse the plastic zippered bags in which bed linens are sold; they are clear and have a pocket for a label.
Assemble the items to be organized; placing similar items into stacks, including stacks for abandoned (old/unused) items.
Appropriately file items into labeled containers or folders. Suggested categories: alphabetical, time/date stamp, subject matter or a combination of these categories.
Avoid clutter by filing items upon receipt; this may require an extra minute or two but it will help keep your space organized.
Annually review your storage plan and revise the system as needed.


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