D’s to vacation planning

Are you planning a vacation? Whether you are traveling a distance or staying near your home, you want to enjoy yourself. Use these tips to help you plan the vacation and reduce the potential stress.

Determine the destination
– Check rates (air, train, car rental, hotel) – there are a plethora of websites that provide current rates and will help you comparison shop.
– Camping fees – camping guides provide sites, fees by state; camping clubs also offer this information.
Draft the itinerary
– State visitor guides (offered free, request via website or phone call) provide guides to places of interests, maps, special events, eateries and special offers.
– Assemble information, including costs per day per person and create a budget.
Discuss with attendees
– Review the draft itinerary; remember this is a draft so be willing to change the plan based on feedback.
– Encourage everyone to participate so attendees are comfortable with the plan and know their interests are met.
Disseminate the travel packages
– Incorporate the feedback and revise the plan accordingly.
– Provide the necessary travel documentation (tickets, itinerary, budget) and indicate the required documents the attendees must bring (passport, visa, picture identification, …).
Demonstrate how to have a good time
– Capture/record your fun through videos and photos.
Share your experience through social media sites.
Do begin planning your next fun trip.


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