System Updates (to do or not to do)??

You get the message on your phone, tablet or computer – your system needs an update. Your response may be “I have too much to do” OR “I don’t know how to do this”. You probably want to rethink your response. With the current state of cyber-transactions, many of the updates sent by your phone carrier or computer software manufacturer are designed to protect your system. The providers of your devices continually monitor the networks and systems and develop security updates to help strengthen the system’s firewall. (A firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules). Another reason for updates are to improve performance of your devices.

An anecdotal story:
A friend of mine said his phone was sluggish, sometimes unresponsive and he was frustrated. When I asked when he last updated – his response “I haven’t updated in 8 months. I didn’t think I needed to do updates.” I suggested he put the charger on his phone one evening (soon) and begin the updates that will probably take a few hours. After he downloaded and installed all the updates, he reported his phone performed as it did when it was new. He was thrilled – he did not need a new phone, just needed to keep it up to date.

Here are a few suggestions for you (if you recognize yourself from the description in this article):
•  Stay current with the updates sent by the authorized provider (your software manufacturer, your cell phone provider); if in doubt about origin of the update – check with the provider.
•  If possible backup your system before installing the update. I recommend this especially for the smartphones and tablets. (You should be regularly backing up your computer system; most system software manufacturers provide backup tools. Your security software for your computer probably also has backup tools.) The backup may be used if the installation of the update causes any problems. (These updates are tested before released but every system has its own characteristics, which may cause a glitch in the installation.)
•  Install the update when you have time to allow it to execute without interruption.

Hope this reminder helps you keep your systems working for you – as they are helpful but only when they work!! If you need assistance implementing the recommendations cited, consulting services are available, please contact:

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